Company History

Libra Scales started its business in 1994 from Multan City. Mr.Riaz Ahmad Sheikh and Mohibullah Khan are the founders of Libra Scales. They both have 25 years working experience in the weighing field. Since Multan region is renowned as cotton ballet in Pakistan that's why Libra Scales targeted cotton ginning industry and provided the scales and after sale services which were used in the cotton ginning industries.They provided Jute Bag Scales, Bale Weighing Scales and Truck Scales Weighbridges).

According to the business experts, every company wants growth in its business by launching new products in market, increase customers and to capture more market share to become a market leader.

Product Expansion
A company to sustain its presence and growth, it cannot rely on a single product range. Growth is something for which most companies, large or small, strive. Small firms want to get big, big firms want to get bigger. Libra Scales working on Process Weighing i-e Automatic bag filling, IBC (Intermediate batch bontainer), multi component mixing, drum filling, flow control, weigh in motion, Static and dynamic check weighing.

International Partnership
Technology is changing day by day so for high quality and product customization, company introduced different quality of products to fulfill customer demand with the passage of time like
  • Revere Transducers, Netherlands in 1999.
  • In 2006 Minebea Intec, Germany.
  • In 2008 Max Technologies, USA.
  • In 2010 Scaime, France
  • In 2015 Ohaus, USA
Market Expansion
After getting success in the Multan region Libra Scales identified its products demand in different parts of Pakistan and soon inaugurated its regional office all over Pakistan. Libra Scales management done well to manage new employees, serves new customers, and competes with the new competitors.

Libra Scales regional offices are in
Libra Scales, Lahore
Libra Scales, Karachi