Minebea Intec,Germany Platform Scales

Minebea Intec,Germany Platform Scales
Minebea Intec,Germany extensive variety of industrial platform scales that are characterized by high efficiencies and complete reliability in service. These platform industrial scales have robust mechanical structure, which make them perfect for variegated industrial applications. Superior technology used in the platform scales improves their consistency and accuracy.

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Minebea Intec Industrial Scales - Combics
Modular weighing system for sophisticated weighing tasks Maximum readability 0.1 g to 3 t (not in..
Minebea Intec Industrial Scales - Midrics
Industrial scales for simple weighing tasks with integrated application programs. Modular design, 2 ..
Minebea Intec Industrial Scales - Miras
Bench and platform scale series in 3 platform sizes Array of features to meet the majority of use..
Minebea Intec Industrial Scales - Signum
Industrial scales for sophisticated weighing tasks, extremely rugged and resistant. For Ex-zones 2 a..