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Recent blog posts
Knowledge of skills and progressions can be the technology or it can be dug in machines which can be worked without definite learning of their workings. Present day innovation is basically a headway of old innovation, the effect of innovation in current life is unmeasurable, we utilize innovation in various ways and here and there the way we execute different advancements winds up hurting our lives.

The human species' utilization of innovation started with the change of common assets into upfront gadgets. The LIBRA SCALES was commenced under the advantageous and prolific consultations of most effectual, well veteran and resourceful top management being one of the dominant and influential shippers of Electronics Weighing Scales products backed by remarkably consummate and adeptly heightened expertise with aim and ambition to develop most advanced attributes and research methodologies in their practices.

Libra Scales especially in their advanced research not only focused the leads or merits of technological trifles but as well the shortcomings too. We always focused the ease of our lives continually on merits instead of demerits or with worth to reduce the disadvantages accordingly with following opinions and research approaches:

Encroachments in technology illustrate an extra effectual way of execution for better outputs. As educational sector has vigorous improvements through information technology. Virtual studies are the swift and paramount sources to transmute knowledge throughout the universe. Automation of agricultural routes is a splendid fact of advancements and through agricultural research we have a bang in crops and yields. Medical research and detections, improvements in food and feed sector, advancements in engineering technologies (mechanical and electrical sectors) and exclusively if we emphasis industrial sector the rapid innovations in weighing and scales division are remarkable which is always focused by Libra Scales in keen manners. In short, everywhere we can find major breakthroughs of technological innovations which compel us to cheers up and recognitions for advanced technological moves in all intense sectors of our lives to make them easier and to retain the important and core reasons and sources for our survival mostly in cost efficient manners. Cost reserve funds for entrepreneurs, enabling them to put resources into developments and extensions in different regions of the business, which contributes on a positive level to the economy in general. But some disadvantages of technology advancements as the machines are replacing human workers and human workers are retaining less value. Process of automation is rapidly discarding the human expertise values as one machines can perform for 10 humans normally which may cost efficient for tycoons but a big cause of redundancy and unemployment moreover. Automation is creating a huge sense of dependency because machines are making the lives easier and easier and physically movements are going to be lesser rapidly. There is a complicate question that what will happen if the machine got broken or damage? The systems may not be collapsed but system will be going to stuck seriously. Besides that, improper methodologies are causing environmental pollutions and contaminations. Nuclear emanation of weapons is the cause of thunder destructions etc.

LIBRA SCALES coveting advanced and developed era to all humankinds full of peace and ease instead of pains and stresses. Wishing all the best in future endeavors to all of you. Thanks

(Chief Executive Officer)


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Posted by on in Truck Weighbridge

Frequently using Industrial scales for bulk weighing of trucks and heavy containers are termed as truck scales having countless innovations in every era where the accuracy level is always focused with minimum tolerances from micro weighing of balances in labs till heavy and huge weighing of 100 feet containers. Scales and balances industry is performing crucially with modern advancements in absolute and accurate measure. A pit scale is built over diggings, and the surface of the weighing platform is flat with the close field. Pit’s deepness is specific which may distress the ease of maintenance. Pit-less or open-sided scales, are designed from a grade having a profile about 28 to 51 centimeters or 11 to 20 inches.

  1. An accurate and balanced concrete/ steal foundation of a scale is also known as the scale deck and is used to produce the influential shallow for the vehicle and is typically composed of modular sections that are placed together to cross the desired length. Performance of steel and concrete decks is same because both are designed and erected to the same specifications. Though, installation of steel-deck truck scales is much quicker than concrete deck scales.
  2. In most modern scales the weighbridge is supported by the load cells which are the measuring sensors and are considered as heart of a scales. Load cells are analog or digital and may be used up to 12 load cells in a large weighing scales system. Junction boxes are used with analog load cells, as well as most digital load cells. Junction boxes combine the signals of multiple load cells to convey the summed signal. Purpose of Indicators is as control panel to display the weight value or serves etc. The signal from the load cells are transmitted to the terminals through cables. Replacement of a truck scale is very expensive but we can upgrade it by swapping load cells, cables, connectors or junction boxes with advanced components.
  3. The precision of the scale can affect the profitability in swear manners. Tolerance is a role of the scale's capacity being applied and the mass of the scale's weighing raise. Tolerance limit of a scale varies the site and whether conditions of a region identified as per NIST/NTEP, OIML or other standards. Conferring to NTEP protocols, approved tolerance limit for weighbridges having capacity of 90718.474 kilograms (200000 pounds) may have 72.5748 kilograms (160 pounds) of slip (positive or negative) while assessing 31751.466 kilograms to 36287.39 kilograms (70,000- to 80,000-pound) trucks. If a scale practices high volumes of trucks per day, calibration activity should be amplified because ecological causes affect the calibration as change in temperatures may enlarge and shrink the structure of large-scale which adversely impact the calibration of the scale.
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No weights required! With our innovative load cells, weighing electronics and our “Smart Calibration” function you are able to calibrate your process vessel scale in less than 5 minutes. All you need is your PC and Minebea Intec technology.

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Posted by on in Libra Scales Pakistan

Islamic republic of Pakistan is a federal parliamentary republic in South Asia on intersection of Central and Western Asia. It is the sixth most crowded nation with a populace surpassing 250 million individuals and 36th biggest nation as far as territory covering 881,913 square kilometers with 1,046-kilometer-long coastline along the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman and is flanked by India, Afghanistan, Iran and China. Gwadar Port is a warm-water, remote ocean port arranged on the Arabian Sea of Pakistan. Its topographies clearly in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor 3200 kilometers (CPEC) arrange, and thought to be an essential connection between the savage One Belt, One Road and Maritime Silk Road Projects. Pakistan is considered as a developing nation and is one of the Next Eleven (the eleven nations that alongside the BRICs have a high potential to wind up distinctly the world's biggest economies in the 21st century). Main products are cotton, wheat and rice. Textile industry, food and feed industry, best quality's sports items & apparels, popular industry of fork, knife & cutlery items are prominent from the industrial range. The poultry division is another quickly developing industry with other 21 in-process new feed plants in Pakistan. 3 mega and 14 typical and micro industrial domains are under the procedure of foundations. The cement industry is another upcoming modern insurgency in Pakistan amid CPEC extend. As indicated by the above specific realities, extent of weighing industry is very extensive in Pakistan.

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Sartorius ProControl@Enterprise is a flexible and reliable solution for packaging process control and quality assurance. The software package provides a 360° overview of the packaging line thanks to its comprehensive range of features for conducting inline and random sample checks.

The system focuses on three priority areas: product quality, in particular fill level control and the recording of attributes and critical process parameters; food safety, which is ensured by detecting, eliminating and recording contamination; and productivity, namely monitoring machine performance and optimising the use of raw ingredients.

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The digital Pendeo® Truck load cell is the optimal solution for weighbridges. Its takes the performance of our products to the next level and makes the setup, calibration and operation of weighing systems now even easier and more reliable.
  • Ideally suited to use in weighbridges
  • Standardized, maintenance-free, extremely compact design
  • Extremely robust design in hermetically sealed stainless steel housing
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Posted by on in Load Cells
The load cell is specially designed for use in truck scales. Problems typical for use in this area were taken into account during the design process. For use in EX zones 1, 2, 20, 21, 22 and DIV 1.
  • No corner adjustment necessary
  • High overload capacity
  • IP68 (1.5 m/10.000 hrs), IP69K (washdown cleaning)
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