Valor™ 7000 Compact Food Scales
Valor™ 7000 Compact Food Scales

Valor™ 7000 Compact Food Scales

Brand: Ohaus, USA
Product Code: Valor™ 7000 Compact Food Scales

Price: $0.00

  • Large front and rear displays with brilliant backlights and checkweighing LED’s are among Valor 7000’s user-friendly features that enhance the user experience and allow two operators to work on one scale at the same time.
  • Reap the benefits of a one second stabilization time and accurate results, which will ensure your job gets done right and on time and your overall throughput is greatly increased!
  • Touchless sensors allow Valor 7000 to operate certain functions without the touch of one button, reducing scale contamination and extending the life of the scale!
    Data Sheet Valor™ 7000 Compact Food Scales

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