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Bending Beam Type Load Cell D460
The D 460 Cantilever beam load cell Hermetically sealed stainless steel Metallic crinkle ten..
Bending Beam Type Load Cell F60X
F60X is Bending beam Load cell Made of stainless steel Hermetically sealed to IP68 Approved 60..
Bending Beam Type Load Cell MP47
MP 47 Bending beam type load cell Full stainless steel construction  Compatible with other sou..
Bending Beam Type Load Cell MP57
MP 57 Bending beam type load cell Full stainless steel construction Compatible with other sour..
Bending Beam Type Load Cell PR6207
The PR 6207 Bending beam type load cell Specially designed for tank and hopper weighing Use in..
Digital Compression Type Load Cell PR6224
The Minebea Intec,Germany Pendeo Truck Load Cell PR 6224 Range are particularly designed for use..
Disk Type Load Cell D182
The D 182 is a Low profile, disk type, high Performance Load Cell Stainless steel load cell Su..
Disk Type Load Cell D190
The D 190 is a Nominal Load 10t - 45t Ideal For Hostile Environment Easy To Install Alloy ..
Disk Type Load Cell R10X
Stainless steel, hermetically welded IP68 Sensor including spherical load button for perfect load..
Double Ended Beam Type Load Cell D580
D 580 is Designed for rail road, truck, tank and hopper scales with low profile The design of l..
Double Ended Beam Type With Digital Output Load Cell A570-DL
· Digital Output Signal(RS-485) · Nominal Load 10t-50t · Dual-Shear Beam · Easy To Install · A..
Pan Cake Type Load Cell PR6251
The PR 6251 range of load cells is Specially designed for easy weighing of silos and horizontal ..
S - Type Load Cell D363
The D 363 is An Alloy Steel Load Cell Tension and Compression Simple to install Suitable fo..
S - Type Load Cell D365
The D365 is Stainless Steel load cell Tension and compression Simple to install Suitable f..
S - Type Load Cell MP46
Load Cell Model: MP 46 is High quality Alloy steel Aluminum coated finish for outstanding Cor..