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Industrial Weighing Experience of 25 Years.

Load Cells

Libra Scales is only one to offer you with the larger selections of quality load cells from famous and reliable brands in stock.

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Weighing Indicators

Libra Scales is a trusted source for the most advanced weighing indicators and process controllers from famous and reliable brands.

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Process Indicators

Libra Scales is a trusted source for the most advanced weighing indicators and process controllers from famous and reliable brands.

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Process / System Controllers

Libra Scales is a trusted source for the most advanced weighing indicators and process controllers from famous and reliable brands.

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Platform Scales

Libra Scales provide Weighing Platform Scales for every environment, application and accuracy requirement supplied with top international famous weighing components brands

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Junction Boxes

Libra Scales Junction boxes offer an edge and moderate in simplifying load cell management. Junction box is required for properly managing multi load cell devices.

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Libra Scales - Pakistan

An accurate and reliable weighing system plays a very significant role in the progress of industrial and commercial business activities. Backed by industrial experience of 25 years. Our product range is so wide that it covers all the areas of weighing requirements from 0.1mg (0.001g) of laboratory use to 200 metric ton of Tensil, Truck and industrial use. Libra Scales Core - Strategies are

Reliable Products and Services

To Deliver Reliable Weighing Through Reliable Products and Services

Weighing Solutions

Provide a complete range of weighing solutions ranging from high accuracy to high capacity at a competitive price
International Partners


International Partnership
Technology is changing day by day so for high quality and product customization, company introduced different quality of products to fulfill customer demand with the passage of time like
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Industrial & Workplaces Weighing Solutions

Platform Scales, Bench Scales, Floor Scales, Weighbridges / Truck Scales, Pallet Scales
Balances and Scales for the Laboratory

Agriculture and Farming Industries

It’s a vital role of Weighing in Agricultural and Farming products industry. While chasing arable yields, managing feed ingredients and livestock performance or trading in raw agricultural products e.g. Sugar-cane, rice, wheat, tea and pulses etc.

Cement Industries

Libra scales weighing system plays a very important role in progress and growth of cement industries. Based on recent reports, cement manufacturing capacity is rapidly expanding throughout south Asia including Pakistan in order to meet...

Cotton & textile Industries

The Cotton & Textile industries are the largest manufacturing industries in Pakistan. These industres exteriors various contests e.g. retorting speedily to fast-changing consumer requirements, increasing requirements for Cotton...

Food & beverages Industries

he food & beverage business performs variety of businesses and production methods, from rural to food processing and beverage production to food unused. Yet, sterility, food safety, regulatory compliance, consistent quality and efficient...

Oil & Gas Industries

As an accurate and reliable system plays a significant role in the field of Oil and Gas Industries.  Load cells and Weigh bars can be placed underneath tanks, silos and vessels to create a complete weighing system. These vessel weighing systems include

Other Industries

Libra Scales has a wide range of Industrial weighing and produces automation system.  All industries such as medical, hospitals, commercial, chemical, tobacco, utilities, engineering, public sector, private sector, defense and may more.

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Below you will find case studies showcasing our recent projects.
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Servicing & Support

We focused on providing not only the quality weighing scales to our customer’s but also ensure to continue technical support and backup services for smooth operation of their weighing system.

To assist the customers, LIBRA SCALES are doing annually maintenance service agreements with clients on regular basis to repair their equipment on site or at its repair center expertly, fast and reliably. LIBRA SCALES respond on breakdown of machine within 24 hours and on client’s request visit within the working hours which are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


We offer 24/7 Emergency Service
to all of our customers.

Toll free : 061-4583374

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Tips and Advices

Our development opt in to the projects they genuinely want to work on, committing
wholeheartedly to delivering.

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Dear valuable customers,

LIBRA SCALES Continues to be fully operational. Our activities are among those allowed by the Prime Minister’s decree of 5th April 2020, aimed at decisively facing coronavirus outbreak.

As our products and services are in fact involved in the process and production plants of primary goods i.e. agro, food, pharmaceutical and energy sectors.

We therefore continue to guarantee you all our products and services with the utmost attention to the health and safety of our employees.

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